Gardaland: new Shaman roller coaster with virtual reality

Gardaland announced for the 2017 season, an innovation that completely revolutionize the experience roller coaster Magic Mountain, a roller coaster with a double loop the loop and double twist, designed by the Dutch firm Vekoma and operational on the Garda Lake park since 1985.

The new project involves the renaming of the attraction from “Magic Mountain” to “Shaman” and the introduction of dedicated viewers through Virtual Reality immerse the reckless passenger in a parallel reality: an adventurous and unexpected world where you can live, first, unique and memorable experience, reaching adrenaline levels never felt before.

Magic Mountain Gardaland

Magic Mountain GardalandWith the new 2017, the breathtaking descents and the double loop at high speed that has always characterized the Magic Mountain Gardaland, will never be the same again! On Shaman, in fact, the Virtual Reality will boost already intense physical experience through immersive adventure guaranteed by the new technology of Virtual Reality.

The Virtual Reality combined rollercoaster is one of the key emerging trends in the world of theme parks; with the new Shaman 2017, Gardaland demonstrates, once again, to grasp the trends of the moment and to be able to maintain a full, its role, at European level, of primary importance in the field.

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