Project Description

Limone sul Garda

The town of Limone sits on a narrow strip of land at the foot of the tall, rocky cliffs north of the Consortium Lago di Garda-Lombardia. Reached in the past only from the mountains or from the lake, its economy was based on fishing and on olive and lemon-growing (it is the northernmost area where citrus fruits can be grown). The pillars and walls of the lemon houses (the typical hot-houses where lemons were grown) and the charming fishing port that can still be seen today are echoes of this old economy. In 1932 the town was finally connected to its neighboring towns when the picturesque Gardesana Occidentale Road was completed and years of isolation and separation were ended. The local economy began to change after World War II, also thanks to the flow of tourists from Northern Europe. Today Limone is one of the most popular, well-equipped tourist towns of Lake Garda, but it has preserved its small-town charm. Its picturesque, historic town center, ancient homes, narrow streets, and ports surrounded by lush vegetation offer endless possibilities for pleasant, relaxing hikes and strolls both inland and along the lake.
A curious fact: several Limone citizens apparently possess the secret of long life. In 1979, a miraculous protein, APOLYPROTEIN A-1 MILANO, was discovered in the blood of a Limone native. This protein protects the heart by removing fat from the arteries, even with high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. In combination with the unique, mild climate and a healthy Mediterranean diet rich in fresh-water fish, olive oil, and local citrus fruits, this protein is an effective weapon against atherosclerosis and heart disease.